I was convicted on 3 bogus criminal charges out of the 34 that they laid.

(A) Two of those three charges I was found guilty of, were identical. They both stated I obstructed two detectives by interfering with potential witnesses in a cold case homicide. The two detectives were partners, they were investigating the same cold case, the death of Aaron Shoulders in 2003.

(i) At first they charged me with interfering with potential witnesses over a 2 year period. When that charge got thrown out of court they came back and charged me with interfering with potential witnesses over a 1 year period. At trial they stated that the interference was only over a 3 day period from the 16th Day of February to the 18th Day of February.

(ii) Also at the trial, despite the charges reading witnesses, they only identified one potential witness. They stated that the one potential witness that was interfered with, was the mother of the murder victim in their cold case investigation. The same mother who had not witnessed anything, the same mother who had never offered any witness testimony in 10 years. And also offered no witness testimony on anything to do with the murder, at my trial. (much much more to follow)

(iii) Even though the allegations were, it was one investigation, and only one potential witness, and the two detectives were both on the one investigation. Justice Erb still sentenced me on both counts, and gave me six (6) months in prison for each count. (much much more to follow)

(B) The third charge I was convicted of was criminal harassment of a detective. I was given a two (2) year Federal prison sentence on that charge. The detective I was found guilty of criminally harassing, was also one of the detectives that I was charged with obstructing by interfering with potential witnesses in his cold case homicide. (much much more to follow on this)

Much more to follow: