JENNIFER REESSPECIAL CROWN PROSECUTOR: Did knowingly assist Chief Hanson of the Calgary Police Service, Sgt Bartley of the RCMP and others, in the laying of bogus criminal charges against me.

(i) Jennifer Ress filed Criminal Information Docket number 101128882P1 containing seven bogus charges. Such charges which were brought before the Provincial criminal court in Calgary. Nine weeks later, all seven charges were thrown out of court by Judge Miller. (more to follow)

(ii) In that same court room, on that very same day, before that very same Judge, right after he threw out the seven bogus charges, Rees then tried to lay another Criminal Information Docket containing eight new criminal charges that were also bogus. Judge Miller told her to take a hike, and that they were not going to get away with that in his court-room.

(iii) Rees is still working in the same Crown Prosecutors office in Calgary. Nothing ever happened to Jennifer Rees, no action was ever taken against her or the others for their criminal and corrupt acts. (much more to follow).

KAREN HEWITTSPECIAL CROWN PROSECUTOR: After the failures of Jennifer Rees, to get bogus convictions against me, they went and brought in the big guns. They appointed Karen Hewitt a very Special Crown Prosecutor from Edmonton to come after me. She was tasked to assist Chief Hanson of the Calgary Police Service, Sgt Bartley of the RCMP and others, in doing what Rees couldn’t do. That was to shut me up, close down my websites and to put me in jail any way they could. (much much more to follow)

(i) Karen Hewitt oversaw the laying of at least another eighteen bogus criminal charges. Hewitt was also the very Special Crown Prosecutor for the preliminary trial, and the main trial, all the way through the sentencing phase(s) as well. Hewitt was recently appointed as a Judge…. (much much more to follow)

Much more to follow: 

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