1. Before he became Judge Les Grieve, of the Provincial Court in Calgary, Les was a senior Crown Prosecutor. Les personally gave me, a thirteen (13) page document that he had authored on what constituted the criminal offence of perjury. Les gave me that copy stating that the contents would nail the crooked and corrupt cops, and others I was after.

2. That document among many other things, listed seven (7) elements of proof that had to be present in order for the courts to give a finding of guilt, on someone charged with that offence. The document was titled, Perjury, Prosecutions, Practical Pointers and the seven (7) elements were:

The statement is false; The  statement was made under solemn affirmation or oath; The person before whom the statement was made was authorized to receive such statements; The statement was given orally, by Affidavit, or solemn declaration; The accused was specifically permitted,  authorized or required by law to make that statement; The accused knew the statement was false; The accused intended to mislead.

3. That document was not widely dispersed outside of his office. Judge Grieve gave it to me to assist me in my matters. That document was also not allowed to be presented as evidence in my defence at trial (more to follow on that)

Much more to follow: 

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