JUDGE LES GRIEVE:  Whilst he was a senior Crown Prosecutor, he authored a document on perjury. Judge Grieve personally gave me a copy, stating that the contents would nail the corrupt cops I was after. (see page titled perjury). MORE COMING SOON:

JUDGE MILLER: Tossed out of court the first seven (7) bogus criminal charges that were laid by corrupt crown prosecutors and police officers, and on the same day in the same court, stopped them from further laying another 8 bogus charges. MORE COMING SOON:

JUDGE WONG: was the trial Judge on another bogus criminal charge filed by the police and the Crown, and he found me not guilty. MORE COMING SOON:

JUSTICE EARL WILSON: In a hearing, shortly after after Judge Miller tossed out 15 bogus criminal charges, stated the following in open court. Mr. Kelly, I am going to tell you three (3) things. Number 1. the Crown and the Police are out to put you in jail. Number 2. Innocent people go to jail all the time, I should know. Number 3. Whatever you do, make sure you keep your powder dry. MUCH MORE COMING SOON:

MADAM JUSTICE ERB: Was the trial Justice who convicted me on 3 bogus criminal charges, and then sentenced me to 30 months in Federal Prison. MORE COMING SOON:

Much more to follow:  johnkelly475@yahoo.ca 

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