1. F.A.O.S. stands for Forensic Assessment Outpatient Services. FAOS is a health assessment that can be requested by a defendant who has been found to be guilty of an offence. You are placed under the care of a doctor who assesses you and the crimes you have been convicted off, and then the Doctor writes a report to the Justice who convicted you.

2.  I was in the initial stages of such a Forensic Assessment under the care of Doctor Maybaum. I attended a hearing before Madam Justice Erb, (who also was the trial Justice), and (the Justice who convicted me on bogus charges) when she stated without notice to me, and in concert with the Special Crown Prosecutor, Karen Hewitt, that they had stopped the Forensic (FAOS) Assessment from continuing.

3. Madam Justice Erb then proceeded to sentence me, to a term of 30 months in Federal prison within that same hearing. Madam Justice Erb and the Special Crown Prosecutor (and others) violated so many of my Charter rights, that it beggars belief.

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